Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is a bee secretion that is used in nutrition, medications, as well as swallowing supplements. Royal Jelly contains a variety of vitamins and has many properties.
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What is natural honey?

None of the apparent characteristics such as color, aroma, taste and dilution or concentration of honey, as well as common public experiments among the general population, are the criteria for the originality, purity and quality of honey.
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About honey

The story of honey is older than history itself. An 8,000-year-old painting in a cave in Dez, Spain depicts a honey harvest. Honey has been used for food and medicinal uses.
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Please drink water and sugar instead of cheap honey!
Why Delzhin?
Our reason is that the harm that counterfeit and laboratory honey consumes to the human body system is not comparable to the harm caused by sugar consumption.

  • We are not intermediaries.
  • We love to produce pure and quality honey.
  • Delzhin is not just a store, it is a source of nutritious and healthy food.
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