Delzhin, The heart of life
Bee Honey Delzhin
زنبورستان عسل دلژین

Delzhin is a Kurdish word meaning the heart of life, the brand of our collection. We are proud to support the two decades of modern beekeeping activity and also the history of packing completely natural honey products, royal jelly, pollen and propolis since 2010, we are responsible for the production and direct supply of healthy and nutritious products nationally and internationally. Increasing the level of public awareness in diagnosis and natural consumption, reviving the real status of beekeeping identity, helping to maintain the health and survival of bees, supporting and expanding employment and production, improving the health of society by consuming organic and healthy products; It is one of the goals of the collection.
The whole process of production, packaging and supply of products is done under the supervision of specialized experts and in specialized laboratories approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Please drink water and sugar instead of cheap honey!
Delzhin, The heart of life

Our reason is that the harm that counterfeit and laboratory honey consumption does to the human body system is not comparable to the harm caused by sugar consumption.

  • We are not intermediaries.
  • We love to produce pure and quality honey.
  • Delzhin is not just a store, it is a source of nutritious and healthy food.
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