The sad end of the life of a male bee

The main purpose of having a male bee is to believe in the queen bee; As soon as the queen bee flies and creates vibration with its wings for mating, it attracts male bees and mates with them during flight; Any male bee that mates with the queen bee in flight falls to the ground and dies after fertilizing the queen.

Since male bees do not have stings, they do not help worker bees in defending the hive and are not able to collect nectar; Therefore, in drought and early autumn or winter, they are expelled from the hive so as not to eat extra food. This task is performed by beekeepers instead of bees; They place a trap at the entrance to the hive that is smaller and only worker bees can pass through, and the male bees will not be able to pass through the entrance to the hive due to their larger size.

When do worker bees lay male bee eggs?

If, for any reason, the queen loses her hive, that is, she becomes an orphan and there are no overnight eggs or young larvae in the hive with which the workers raise the queen, within 7 to 15 days the ovaries of some workers grow and begin to lay eggs. می‌نمایند.

Laying worker bees lay only a few eggs during their lifetime, but due to the large number of worker bees starting to lay eggs at the same time, they generally lay many eggs. The worker bees lay eggs irregularly and sometimes several eggs in a cell, and all their young will be male.

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